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Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 17:09:18 MDT

I am forwarding this post from From Kurzweil Technologies, Inc.:

A profile and interview of Ray Kurzweil by CNN Anchor Bernard
Shaw will be featured on a CNN Special called “Visions 21” this
Sunday (June 11) to be aired nationwide at 9 PM ET (6 PM on the
west coast) and repeated at
midnight ET (9 PM on the west coast).

The show is produced jointly by CNN and Time magazine as part
of their “CNN & Time” weekly series. The format is similar to
60 Minutes, and there will be four segments during this one hour
program, one of which will be on Ray
(we don’t know when in the program it will air). The topic of
the show will be the merger of human and machine.

In connection with this CNN and Time joint venture, the next
issue of Time Magazine (to be on the stands on Monday, June 12)
will also be titled “Visions 21” and will include an essay by
Ray titled “Will My PC Be Smarter than Me.” (If there is a big
news event, this issue could be bumped to the following week).

Below is the schedule for different parts of the world.

Also, check out our new web site at <>.

Thanks for your attention.

World Wide Schedule for “Visions 21” Special on “CNN & Time”

This CNN program runs in the U.S. on Sunday, June 11 at 9:00
PM Eastern Time, and repeats at Midnight Eastern Time.

The following table lists the entire schedule, including the
runs on CNN International.


Sunday (6/11) 9pm ET 0100 GMT (Mon) Europe/LatinAmerica/USA

                10pm ET 0200 GMT Asia


                Midnight ET USA

Monday (6/12) 4am ET 0800 GMT Europe

                5am ET 0900 GMT Asia

                 9am ET 1300 GMT Latin America

                12pm ET 1600 GMT Europe

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