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Well Brian, I took a look at, but I couldn't find the figures you
mention in your post (11% average yield for over 75 years). My suggestion
to hold low-risk bonds to maturity and then reinvest, as opposed to
investing in the stock market(including mutual funds) is based on my
observations of my own and my clients' portfolios, and some research I did
when I was at the University of Texas School of Business. I used S&P 500 as
my data source, because they tracked the widest variety of stocks. It's
been a long time, and I don't remember the exact figures, but in general I
don't think you can depend on stocks to do much better than break even at
best after inflation is taken into account. It's true that some people DO
get rich in stocks. Some people get rich from playing lotteries too. I
know, I know, a lot of people have made money in the stock market lately,
and I do try to keep an open mind. Maybe I messed up when I was doing my
research. Maybe I tended to attract clients who were unusually bad at
playing the stock market. Maybe things have changed. But has not
convinced me that I'm wrong.


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Lets not confuse investing in real estate with investing. Despite
13+ corrections of 30% or more and 35+ corrections of 10% or more
the stock market has averaged an 11% average yield for over 75

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