Re: META:RE: Black Holes

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 09:12:15 MDT

Sean Kenny wrote:
> [Non-member submission]
> I see complaints like this on the list continually, surely if as
> Transhumanists we wish to be at the bleeding edge we should accept and try
> to accomodate all emerging forms of communication technology. I'd quite like
> a voice/video mail list with text summaries to enhance my extropian learning
> experience (and see what you all look like). Harking back to 'pure text
> only' seems a little conservative/entropic.

Until all email systems are impervious to malicious code in messages or
attachments, text should be standard. Many of use have a large amount of our
lives on our computers, and accepting messages that could contain malicious code
for the sake of a little prettier message does not outweigh our right to keep
our systems secure. By posting, you are asking others to welcome your
communication into their home. The least you can do is show respect for their
desires. Take your shoes off at the door, that sort of thing. Its about respect.

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