Re: what if microsoft disobeyed the breakup?

From: KPJ (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 05:30:58 MDT

It appears a if Billy Brown <> wrote:
|If your analysis is correct, the very concept of anarcho-capitalism is
|fundamentally flawed. Any society based on personal freedom must be built on
|the presumption that individuals are largely capable of making their own
|decisions, and that leaving them free to do so is the best available
|approach to running an economy. If, OTOH, individuals are fools and informed
|experts can make better decisions than the markets, then the technocratic
|socialists are right to demand control of the economy.

Anarcho-capitalism seems to require a society based on personal freedom.
However, since the current societies do not fall into that cathegory.
A company actually creates a mini-state with its own hierarchical dictatorship.

Since companies buy and sell the stuff, it seems only natural to me that
anarcho-capitalism will not work too well in that environment.

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