Re: what if microsoft disobeyed the breakup?

From: Ian Field (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 22:48:59 MDT

Billy Brown wrote:


| Claims that the "wrong" product has won out in a free market are
| among supporters of the products that lost, but they almost invariably
| out to be incorrect.

This leads into "history is written by the victorious". 30 years from now,
I wonder what the general perspective on MS and its competitors will be....

For my part, as an advanced application designer, I *know* that my world is
a better place thanks to the folks at Redmond. I do understand concerns
related to anti-competitive, innovation-destroying practices, but the DOJ
has definitely jumped the gun in this case. The market would, on percieving
a lack of new innovation, find/create it elsewhere. We were in the midst of
a computing revolution, and are bound to take a technological step backwards
due to this bungle. The economic impact could also be enormous...

| Billy Brown

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