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>What I've heard about this from a guy who was a scholar in such matters was
>that the words for "camel" and "rope" were spelled almost the same in the
>original Aramaic and that the verse probably should read something like
>this: "It's harder to thread a needle with a rope...etc."

Here's what the Jesus Seminar has to say:

"The comic disproportion between the camel and the needle’s eye presented
difficulties to the Christian community from the very beginning. Some Greek
scribes substituted the Greek word rope (kamilon) for the term camel
(kamelon) to reduce the contrast, while some modern but misguided
interpreters have claimed that the “needle’s eye” was the name of a narrow
gate or pass, which a camel would find difficult, but not impossible, to
pass through."

The Five Gospels


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