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Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 17:16:08 MDT

Maybe try alt.gothic



Jason Wilson <> writes:

> Is anyone out there drawn to abandoned overgrown fenced in piers, rotting
> warehouses, broken windows and rooftops?
> Do you see a part of yourself in the decay?
> A part of your mortality?
> Can you feel the atomic universe expanding?
> Molecular bonds weakening?
> Entropy pushing forward?

Isn't this the exactly wrong list for this question-complex? :-)

Of course, that doesn't mean decay cannot be grand, but I have always
considered transhumanism as the opposite to the fashionable
entropianism everywhere.

I love overgrown piers, moss-covered walls and small trees starting to
sprout in cracks in the pavement. But that is not because I revere the
decay, but because I love the life and vitality of the emerging. We
are growing. The universe expands and changes. Molecular bonds remains
as strong as ever. And while entropy pushes forward, life does too -
and faster.

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