Re: Exploring and Decoding Urban Ruins

From: Jason Wilson (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 15:31:53 MDT

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>I image those heavy metallic beasts clanging off into the past, being
>replaced by a mix of the virtual, the digital, the biological....

what are the virtual, digital and biological equivalents of a rusted out
factory, entangled with sea weed? (under water?)
The entropy we're talking about is only really a euphamism for small scale
The patterns of growth ,a growth that we see as destructive (to our
constructs - physical and psycho-societal / mental): rust is alive, moss
and grass cracking apart the cement foundations are growing.
Our internal constructs are just a fragile, just as temporary, just as
fertile for rust, decay, and entropy.
It seems to me the only way to resist this breakdown, is to perpetually
continue growth of ones own design, keep the factory operating, which means
keeping it more and more profitable for as long as possible.
Keep your mental constructs oiled and operational through growth and
evolution, never by reclining onto your haunches.

seeking objectivity in the hypersubjective

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