Re: The Pause that Refreshes

From: Bill Douglass (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 12:55:12 MDT writes:

>I've come to accept that some things can't be hurried, but by slowing the
>tempo of my perceptions and expectations and carefully paying attention to
>the small signs of slow change in the developing plants I husband, I've
>able to tap into a reservoir of insight and calm I never knew before.

My Stepfather has been tapping into similar areas recently, but on a longer
time-scale, by cultivating a number of Bonsai plants. After first getting
into the hobby, in his mid-50s, he loved it but was disappointed to learn
that he would probably never be a true Bonsai master, because such is said
to take sixty or more years. I just mention it because a long time-scale
art such as this seems like something that might appeal to extropians. I
may get into it myself one day, when/if I have my feet firmly planted in one
geographic location (most bonsais require daily watering).

Cheers, Bill
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