Re: Reno "quote" (was: Re: The Pause that Refreshes)

From: KPJ (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 03:00:45 MDT

returned this text:

|It's a hoax. According to CBS, Janet Reno did not appear on 60 Minutes in
|1994. More to the point, even if she had made such an appearance and even if
|she did hold this unlikely opinion, the Attorney General would not have dared
|publicly utter such impolitic words, which essentially consign every
|practicing Christian in the United States to the status of "cultist" and a
|"threat" to the society.

It appears as if Rob Sweeney <> commented:
|(not that I'd necessarily agree that she wouldn't have "dared publicly
|utter such impolitic words", given her degree of political cluelessness,
|but if she had, I suspect we'd have long since heard the uproar through
|mainstream media. Not that the quote isn't believable.)

It would seem probably that the ``quote'' originated from inside the United
States immune system. Maybe it started as a ``off the record'' comment by
some official, and was finally expanded into an ``official quote'' by Rumour,
the wellknown ventriloquist?

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