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From: Rob Sweeney (
Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 23:04:07 MDT

* Spike Jones <> [000606 00:46]:
> > > > "A cultist is one who...home schools for their children;
> > > > [...]
> So what was the final verdict? This is a fake quote, right?
> It would hafta be. I cant imagine any politician stupid enough
> to qualify a person for government interference for a strong
> belief in the second amendment, not even JR.

The giveaway in the "quote" was the phrase "big government". I've never
heard an advocate of big government refer to it as such.

The quote seemed plausible enough at first glance, but as the
"Urban Legends" page points out, read it a couple of times and it begins
to look, well, not quite right - unless you really want to believe.

Being a Second Amendment advocate in some parts is tantamount to insanity.
I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, the heart of old-school
unreconstructed "liberalism". You can lose friends by bringing it up,
and your neighbors may shun you based on the junk mail they see you
receiving (this is not always a bad thing). I can easily see how in certain
circles gun rights advocacy might be equated with, well, undesirable
antisocial behavior that the government ought to be looking into, remembering
that the position of many of these people is that the government ought to
be looking into everything.

/rs Rob Sweeney
Time is a warning.

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