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From: john grigg (
Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 15:31:18 MDT

Dan Adams wrote:
[random example hoping to spawn another string : StarTrek, The Next
Generation. I loved that show as a kid- - best thing on TV and probably one
of the impetuses behind my latent technophilia. But, looking back with my
modest, but larger, scientific knowledge, I'm appalled! If I'm hurling
through interstellar space in 4 CENTURIES on a giant hunk of composite
metals in a smelly primate shell with wonders such as "nanites" that serve
no useful function, an onboard computer AIthat's really only got the "A"
part down, and "diplomatic missions" to colonies of other skin bags,there's
gonna be hell to pay!]

It's not just improved scientific knowledge you have, but vision of what the
future could actually be like. I would love to have seen an episode (future
Voyager epsisode or film plot?) where the Federation encountered a very
powerful race of "good" borg that followed extropian ideals in their

Picard has the job of telling them on a diplomatic mission, "please stay out
of Federation space because we don't go for genetic engineering to improve
ourselves and also limit AI and nanotech within our society!" "You will
pollute the minds of Federation members with ideas and technologies that
could tear us apart!"

Being that the "good" extropian borg had a decentralized society, some of
it's members decide to go against Federation wishes which they consider
stasist and covertly expose some Federation members to what is possible.
This would create the conflict for the story.

The "good" borg could even be written as the "Federation" from an alternate
universe where things developed in a very different way. If only I were a

It's nice to be back online at home, and with a cable connection too. The
effort getting it connected is another story...

I have spent the last two days pouring over extro digests to try and catch
up. So many great posts and nuggets of information. I missed you folks

best wishes,

John Grigg

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