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They'd respond by saying, "Things changed a lot after Jesus came." (I know
this, having questioned christians about stuff like this) At the same time,
though, they take items like the creation stories at face value, even though
there are conflicting accounts in the *Holy Bible* itself.

There's an interesting book, published back in 1951 I think, by the
longshoreman philosopher Eric Hoffer called *The True Believer* that takes a
look at people's willingness to suspend rationality and even give their
lives for various causes, including religeon and nationalism.


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>Saw this on another list, thought y'all'd get a kick out of it. Hopefully
>everyone here knows who Dr. Laura Schlesinger is, and that she's come under
>water for publicly stating that homosexuality is deviant behavior:
>> Dear Dr. Laura,

<snip some reallygood stuff>

i love it.....

Any clue as to how the good doktor responded? Come to would ANY
fundamentalist or even any professed christian or jew respond?


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