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> Subject: Re: Confronting The Singularity Conference
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> << Then, the free-wheeling discussions began to be taken over by organized
> intellectual purity squads - best exemplified by the "New Libertarians"
> connected with Sam Konkin and his trigger man enforcer, Neil Shulmann. If
> anyone said anything deviating from the official agorist line, they would
> be
> instantly pounced upon and literally shouted down. The LP similarly
> rejected topics that were not oriented toward strictly political ends. We
> now can see where this got us.
> Let's try to not repeat mistakes... >>
> Sounds just like Ayn Rand in attitude (or the old soviet bolsheviki) who had
> a tendency to be Absolutist in action.

SEK3 is nowhere near the absolutist that Ayn Rand
was. :) He just gets upset with those who insist
on calling him "Sam Konkin".

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