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Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 09:42:29 MDT

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<< The fascism meme requires that the infected person(s)
   o feel superior to some other group(s),
   o feel the(se) other group(s) must be repressed for some reason, and
   o feel obliged to use force against the(se) group(s).
 I see anti-fascists fighting fascists, using exactly the same methods.
 The danger in fighting fascism is that fascism is contagious:
 fascists and anti-fascists become two sides of the same coin.
Yes but under fascism, the ruling political power structure ran death camps
and in the other they ran detention camps in which the Japanese Americans
survived to the level of nearly 100% and whose sons went to fight on to
become the most decorated American units in the 2nd world war. That's a big
difference, as far as most people are concerned. So goals do matter, and as
far as Extropians becomming nazi's; let us eliminate the the mere 'racist'
jargon; and call a National Socialist a nazi. If Extropianism is a nazi
cause, it will soon be found out; if not (as I suspect) then this thread will
go moribund for a while.

But before we do the Turner Diaries Gotterdamerung, (with the Aryans instead
bunking with the worms) one way to determine Extropianism's emphasis is to
begin to refer comments back to some of the scholars that inspired this
philosophy. Lets ask Moravec, and Tipler, and Minsky, and Linde, and
Nathaniel Brandon and Wheeler and so forth, what they would think of a
future-life/life extension org becomming Hitlerite? My guess is that this
would cause some conniption fits amongst any would-be furhers. Maybe their
next attempt will be some kind of KKK-Amway sales? Doh! I gave em' a
money-making idea. Shame on me.

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