Re: Data Haven in U.K. waters, more or less.

From: Wei Dai (
Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 05:35:17 MDT

On Mon, Jun 05, 2000 at 01:44:36AM -0400, Eirikur Hallgrimsson wrote:
> U.K. region Extropians may have better pointers.
> Sorry for the NYT registration-required link.
> I don't find the pirate radio precedent to be of any value. They are
> asking for trouble unless for some reason the powers that be want to
> try having a little deniable "Hong Kong" for data. The aquatic
> location is also perilous in that one would not expect the British
> Navy to come out and defend this facility against a foreign power.

Are there any books about Sealand, the "country" that Havenco is located
in? looks pretty interesting,
especially the part about the Prince of Sealand leading a group of men to
retake Sealand from a bunch of Dutch invaders/kidnappers, but it doesn't
go into much detail.

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