Gravity calculations and dark matter clarifications

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Check out

Robert B (as in Blunt) and Amara (the extropian dust bunny?(insert smily

While they talk about the usual stars and galaxies, they make no mention of
the ever elusive dark matter. If they input data based on "bright" matter,
and then run their calculations, do they get "junk in gives junk out", or
do they have an opportunity to "solve for" the distribution and role of
dark matter.

I'm still holding out for a universe jam-packed and teeming with
post-singularity intelligence manifesting as dark matter.


In our conversation on Bart to Berkeley, where, as above, I indicated why I
was unimpressed by Robin's great filter premise--my view being that the
presumption that the universe shows no signs of abundant life seems
analogous to looking at one's immediate surroundings and supposing that
because we can't see them--they're too small-- the billions of microbial
particles swarming all about us don't exist. You responded by saying that
Kardeshev civilizations types 1,2, and 3 must evidence themselves
unquestionably due to the altered features of the cosmos.

On further reflection, I blundered upon a counter argument pleasantly laden
with irony. Mr. Kardeshev and his fans, and I count myself among them,
must admit to developing and nurturing this K1,2,3 scenario within a K1
pre-singularity cultural setting. It seems to me that of all people, you,
one of the high poobahs of the grail of singularity should have seen that,
from this pre-singularity K.75 vantage, all bets are cancelled by that
imminent event--The Spike, (there's a book by that title by an author whose
name escapes me the moment)-- regarding the nature and material
manifestation of all Kardeshev civilizations of higher "K" value than the
one existing when the singularity writes the new rule book. Thus, while
the Kardeshev One Two Three is ambitious and pleasingly impressive, it
cannot escape the fact of its rude origins. It is the first attempt at a
logical theory of the cosmic expansion of intelligence out into the
universe, a theory put forth by terrestrial intelligence, precocious and
full of itself, and not all that arguably, itself newly hatched and wet
behind the ears. The first guess is never right. The proof of which is
that hard on its heels it is trumped by The Spike.

Ball's in your court, Damien.

                        Best, Jeff Davis

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                                        Ray Charles

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