Re: alternative to terraforming

Date: Sat Jun 03 2000 - 05:00:54 MDT

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<< Of course if Amara would stop studying all that silly dust (I mean
 after all, who wants to run around the entire solar system collecting
 it all to do something useful with it???) and focus instead on finding
 the nearest brown dwarfs so we could do some serious targeting for our
 interstellar intellinanobot computronium conversion project, I'd
 be willing to leave the solar system and all the funky planets to the
 stay-at-home luddites. That may be what we end up having to do anyway
 if most people don't soon develop a strong desire to self-evolve.
 Robert >>
I figure it might be good entertainment, if people develop mutant ears and
foreheads and play Star Trek Universe for a few centuries. Ganymede could be
called "Romulus" and Titan would be then home of the "Vulcans" and who would
opt to be the "butt" of jokes, but the "Klingons" for inhabiting the Rings
around Uranus? Something for the nerds of the future to do. Actually, until
the winning horse of Uploading starts comming together as a more,
pronounced, technology; we should bet our money on WIN, PLACE, and SHOW-to
borrow the parlance of Horse racing.

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