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Palo Alto, CA. April 27, 2000 - Images published today appear to confirm that space is not warped, a conclusion reached by H. Stanley Judd and published on February 11, 2000, on the web site http://www.golfjudd.com/Judd1.

His theory, E=0, a Unified Theory of the Universe, is based on the equation, (At an unknown speed faster than the speed of light Everything = 0). If valid it suggests that space is without properties, time doesn't exist, and the Big Bang never happened. The background radiation confirmed by the recent Boomerang observations are not caused, according to the unified theory, by radiation that originated in the Big Bang, but radiation that flows from matter in Dark Space where without light new stars are born, one at a time.

Contacts: H. Stanley Judd Yale 1959 Tel: 1-650-327-5205 Email: physicsjudd@aol.com URL: http://www.golfjudd.com/Judd1

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