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Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 08:56:19 MDT

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| One possibility to imagine is that for any present that there are a nearly
| number of immediately following events depending on actions taken, here
| as an infinite set of probability chains or threads from a point in time
to the next
| for any number of "parallel" spacetimes. So, if the message warns not to
break the
| cup, and it isn't, then in one spacetime the cup was broken, and the other
it was
| not. This action might actually generate the alternate spacetimes.

This is the most common reasoning sci-fi authors use to explain away the
problems caused by paradox - the quantum multiverse. Each time an event
occurs, two parallel universes are created, one in which the event did not
occur, another in which it did. When you "travel back in time", and
modify/undo an event, you are basically hopping from your current universe
into a parallel one. I'd be interested to know how our physicists feel
about this statement.

| The possibility of alternate realities is not inherently disprovable under
| contemporary scientific explanations, at least in the reality from which
| message is posted.


| Ross

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