Re: TV: "Survivor/Big Brother"

From: Sabine Stoeckel (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 20:42:21 MDT

"Big Brother" has already started in Germany. I didn't see the show (I'm
living in the US), but I read it is pretty boring.
Who wants to watch people brushing their teeth, preparing lunch -
e v e r y d a y? Lame.
I saw "Survivor", and I think especially the rituals are really cheesy.

Brian D Williams wrote:
> Okay, so I wasted an hour of my life watching "Survivor" on CBS
> last night. There was one interesting takeoff on "the prisoners
> dilemma", after losing one event, the losing team had to vote-out
> a member. I wonder what would have happened if the team had decided
> to vote themselves (each individually) out. Of course the producers
> would have simply changed the rules......
> Still worth a few laughs......
> I see there going to have another new show called "Big Brother"
> about a bunch of people living in a house with 80 cameras on all
> the time.
> Guess we know what Zero will be watching.......
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