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Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 15:43:47 MDT

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<< I have often wondered about the ways in which to terraform Venus and if
 it would be possible to do so with any of the other planets in our solar
 system. I'm sure that someone will come up with a very systematic way of
 doing so in the future but as far as Venus is concerned there probably isn't
 a lot of info on it considering that Mars is so much more practical at this
 point in time.
 Eric >>
Well, the primary ideas on this mailing list seem to be focused with the
notion that we will all be uploaded into super networks, or become Johnny
Robots and hence, indestructable. Therefore, no need to transform Venus. This
uploading capability, I suspect, will not be all that soon. So terra-forming
Venus to suit Earth Life might consist of both using programable nano, as
fell as gigantic fusion-powered atmospheric chemical converters. Parachute
bunches of them-all manufactured from Lunar soil (iron. aluminum. titanium.
lithium.boron etc.). When the corosive atmosphere disables one of these
automated atmo-converters--drop a few hundred more. Soon, our descendents
will be golfing on the Venusian midlands. Ha cha cha!

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