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Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 12:49:41 MDT wrote:
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>> But it's quite difficult to know how to predict fascism.
> [....]

>> The danger is particularly great among a group
>> that generally doesn't believe in the irrational
>> (in the Freudian, not cognitive or neuro-psychological
>> sense), in part because such a group generally
>> won't agree with, or understand the force of,
>> the point above about the irrelevance of
>> doctrinal content.


> My take on this is more direct. Lay a veneer of
> futurism or libertarianism upon racist attitudes and it
> still does not alter the content.

I agree, though my point was quite different: content is not
necessarily relevant. It isn't that there is fascist content
that is covered over by a _meer_ veneer of futurism,
libertarianism, or whatever. It's that these -isms themselves
have the potential to be a form of fascism -- put differently,
they may ACTUALLY BE fascism, _in statu nascendi_.



(Eugene: I love "BLOG")

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