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Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 21:23:37 MDT

I think you would want portable partitions to absorb sound. The cross-talk
between different discussion groups was an annoyance at the conference. Like
you I most enjoyed the informal discussions. Meeting some of the people who
post on this list was very enjoyable also.

                                                                Don Klemencic

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phil osborn wrote:
>Minsky was on PBS recently - a panel on the future of the internet, as I
>recall. He now puts the Singularity - as far as real AI - at about 2073,
>to my surprise.

That is a pretty specific date; did he mention how he calculated it?

On the conference, I enjoyed my time there, but there were so many
parallel tracks that I can't claim my experience was representative.
I did two economics sessions, one on singularity economics and another
on nano-economics, and spend the rest of my formal time at an
idea futures section. As usual, I most enjoyed just talking to people
informally outside the formal sessions.

I wonder what would happen if you organized a "party/poster" conference
by just having a very large room with dozens of whiteboards, and with
snacks and chairs distributed throughout. There would be no official
schedule or map, and you'd spend the whole weekend wandering about joining
whatever discussions or presentations formed "spontaneously." Any dispute
about what a group talked about in a location would be handled as at a
party, with the option of one group walking away to do what they want
somewhere else.

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