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Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 17:58:36 MDT

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> Under the right interpretation, you can rescue the Oracle, as well as
> The One, and even the Duracell batteries as elements in the Matrix
> ruleset believed in by its participants.

    surely the humans would have greater use as "low power consumption"
processors, it would be a far better explaination that the matrix was using
them to do some of the computational work for it as well as supply it with
power. ?
    In the real world (this one) we believe in many things, quite a lot we
cannot prove ourselves. I believe the earth is round, but I have never seen
the entire earth with my own eyes. I dont jump off a building because I
believe I will go Splat. I have never tried it to test my belief.
    The VR world of the matrix would to a greater or lesser extent be
controlled by the beliefs of the people in it. They would not try to break
the physical laws for the same reason we don't. They believed they could not
be broken mainly because that is what they had been told.
    hmmm ive lost the plot now. I started thinking about work.


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