Re: Zen? Atheist? Is there such an animal?

From: \[ Robert-Coyote \] (
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 11:03:21 MDT

Define it however you like, the way that can be spoken cannot be the true
way, as you define it, your destroy its original nature.

How about abandoning the habit of thinking in boxes I'm a this.. I'm a
that.. Your a that, not a this.

Just this
compare it only to itself

> Thus, Zen becomes the ideal ethical/spiritual system
> (which, referring back to the earlier statement, is
> the definition I choose for a "religion" : "a
> coherent, stable/sustainable structure of
> ethical/spiritual principles with both suggestive and
> predictive power."

Also Taosism. It precludes the inclusion of a western deity while still
known as a religion.

Fact is, it can be practiced as either religion OR philosophy, or neither.

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