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From: Martin Ling (
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 10:25:55 MDT

On Wed, May 31, 2000 at 09:59:28AM -0400, Dan Fabulich wrote:
> The Matrix has deeper problems than human-Duracell and "why is he
> using Kung fu in the first place?" if you make any attempt to assume
> that the Matrix is virtual reality, but it resolves its own problems
> if you grant it its ontological presuppositions.
> The Matrix is NOT virtual reality. You DON'T die when your VR Avatar
> dies, unless the system is specifically designed to kill you when that
> happens. What's Morpheus's explanation for this? "The body cannot
> live without the Mind." Oh, yeah. THAT explains it.

I think we have to assume that the computer interface takes over
completely from the connection to the rest of the body. As such, it
would have to have to send signals itself to keep the heart going. If
the virtual self is killed, it will stop those signals.

> Here's the can-stand-on-two-feet-barely explanation:


> Now make an RPG out of THAT.
> Oh, right, that would be Mage or Changeling, depending on your mood. ;)


So I'm doing things the other way. As I've already stated, I enjoy both
of those games greatly, but I feel there's something to be gained from
one based on the Matrix scenario as I've described it.


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