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Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 09:00:24 MDT

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<< If I remember correctly, her order's assets at the time of her death
 were on the order of US $250M. She was used to being ferried around in
 the executive jets of her friends -- who included some rather dubious
 One might argue that if one runs a multinational organisation dedicated
 to looking after the sick and dying, one ought to be spending a _little_
 of that money on medical care. And there's a certain contradiction between
 that vow of obedience, chastity and poverty and a quarter of a billion
 bucks ... >>

YES! Many of times she had been seen out sunning herself by her fancy pool
or shopping at Sax 5th Ave on her New York retreats while the sick lay dying
in her hideous dungeons. I also heard that she had a fondness for exotic
pets! Many a time she had been noted to bring in "leopards" off the street!
That must have been where she spent all the money, ON EXOTIC CATS! Ooooh how
she suckered those people at the Nobel Prize association I'll never know.
Why just yesterday I was reading on the Jack T. Chick web site that she had
been seen on a regular basis snorting Coke with the Dalia Lama! Flaunting
her jewelry at him as they sipped Champaign and laughed at all the little
people. "Suckers" they would whisper to each other and giggle with delight.

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