BOOK: "Lord of light"

From: Everitt Mickey (
Date: Sun May 28 2000 - 20:58:46 MDT

I'm rereading an old friend...."Lord of LIght" by Roger Zelanzy.

I first found it shortly after original 1967.....(I was an
"unusual" west texas teen) At that time there was no concept of fact the last time I read the book I don't beleive that Max
had yet coined the term.

I dunno if "LOL" is actually extropian...i think not actually...I DO however
think it is transhuman. In fact it might serve as a cautionary tale warning
of what transhumanity run amok might produce.

Still it's an entertaining tale.....more beleiveable NOW than when it was
written I think...which in itself is rather odd...

I think it and possibly "Aristoi" are the two more obvious examples of a
transhumanistic future.....

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