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Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 14:07:24 MDT

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> >how can anyone be angry at a dead person
> How do you feel about Hitler?

Not anger. Actually I feel nothing about the individual. About the harm he
caused, and the murders he commited, I feel sickened,shocked, horrified,
apalled and distressed. He was terribly disturbed. Also many other
individuals contributed to that particular situation and I feel the same
emotions regarding the entire Nazi movement, of course!. I can make judgments
about his character, & call him evil. But to be angry at the man himself
would be pointless, wouldn't it? Wasted emotional energy. He is dead.
I *would* be angry at anyone alive today if they began espousing his views
however, since my anger could be turnedinto something rational, like a
protest, idictment or intervention. Perhaps I could modify their behavior in
some way. At least I could feel as if I tried. Those who do not remember the
past are doomed to reapeat it, as they say.

The past is over, so getting angry at, or it's denizens, it is a profitless

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