Re: RealNetworks is spying on Internet users again

From: KPJ (
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 04:57:50 MDT

It appears as if Emlyn <> wrote:
|I would think that the best way of dealing with this would be for a group of
|coders to get together and write software which sends bogus info to these
|companies. For example, software which just makes up pretend info and spams
|it to RealNetworks via the mechanism now being used by them to steal your

Yes, the age old vendetta scenario:
``Thou killeth my brother, thus I will kill thee.''

Why put down energy on such a rather useless action?

Systems (and users, being supersystems) have no control over what packets
flow through their networks, which allows bad humans to create naughty programs
which send nastygrams which the systems (and its users) would not authorize
if they knew about them.

Solution: Make them know.

Upgrade to a system which defines what packets to allow on the network, which
programs communicate with whom usign what kind of packets, and when somebody
tries to break or bend these rules raises a Red Alert condition.

Then activate the Search and Eliminate Mode to find out where the offending
packets came from, and eliminate them at the source. For packets originating
from the external world, you can, if you like, instead invoke a simulation
to accept the packets, so you can find out who tries to do what, and first
then start the Search and Eliminate Mode.

Such a system makes much more sense, IMHO, than vendettas, which according to
some power mongers may constitute a violation of their ``law''.

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