trawling for an essay on Toffler or ACClarke

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 20:01:36 MDT

Hi folks

An editor of a forthcoming Australian book on cyberculture sez they need:


an essay on either Alvin Toffler or Arthur C.
Clarke; can you think of anything written on these guys in the context
of the future of cyberculture/technology that we might be able to
reprint/ or someone who is working on them or is hungry enough to write
something at short notice (our deadline to go to [the publisher] with the
ms is
August!) Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I did a longish essay for them abt Vinge, the Spike, and some thinkers
who've dealt with this issue (including some on this list) so I can't do
either of these pieces. I should stress that there's no money to be had,
but the book will be pretty and prestigious (the `hungry' reference meaning
in terms of academic publication brownie points). Anyone with either an
idea for an article or a pointer to something kewl, pliz e me offline.


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