Re: ART: What Art Is and those who want it to be otherwise

Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 17:50:25 MDT

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> But I don't
> think one must do to judge, else only those who have killed would be able
> sentence a murderer. Only those who cooked would be able to judge a meal.
> And we'd all have to shut up here about "The Matrix," since, as far as I
> know, there are no film directors among us. (Am I wrong? If so, please
> speak. I've lots of questions about film.:)

Daniel, you are wrong, if you think that we can speak AUTHORATIVELy on film.
To speak about them, sure... but unless we are familiar with the making of
films, we won't sound very good to those who know.

No one here is saying one must be a visual artist to know about art. The four
VAPA standards I set out for you are general education ones. Creative
Expression is ONE of some very basic most simple fundamentals that one can
learn about. They are not up for debate. They exist outside of your sphere of
control. Debating them is pointless.

I hated that stupid thing about a chef cooking plaster thing you said to
Natasha, it's a dumb argument, drop it. Are you nuts? I hope she ignores it.

Likewise we don't need to be film makers to discuss The Matrix. I disliked
that film, so I am not discussing it, since I am not knowledgeable enough
about films to defend my position. I keep my mouth shut, like Ayn rand should
have done, since it is out of my area of expertise to provide a true valid
critique. I can only say it bored me.

But for you to insist that an educated person will bow to the knowledge of an
uneducated one and discuss the virtues of that person's ideas when I see
none, is a waste of (your and my) time.

Re: film: I would listen to my dearest friend, who has worked in films before
I would listen to my mom who has not.

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