From: Alex Future Bokov (alexboko@umich.edu)
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 15:00:59 MDT


I don't owe anybody anything, of course, but I've been doing something
that's bad for me and in a small way bad for the
Transhumanist/Extropian community. Apologizing to myself feels
insubstantial, so I'm apologizing to you. I periodically disappear from
all fora and stop reading even the list that I myself run. I get
overwhelmed by everthing that's going on, all the information that
comes pouring in. Maybe I'm afraid of succeeding at what I most want to

I live in Ann Arbor, MI, and the nearest active >H/Ex people I know of
are in adjoining states. So, when I disappear, I really do disappear
and there's nobody around to remind me to come back.

My latest disappearance started shortly after Extro4, and caused some
promising leads that started at the conference to fade. If you spoke to
me then and I said I'd do something for you (or vice versa) I'd still
like to follow up on that if I can. Please reply to me directly. If you
have problems or questions about transhuman@logrus.org, it's a safe bet
that I haven't read them. However, in a further message I have some
information that may pre-empt those questions, so hold on.

Sasha's passing saddens me of course, and jolts me out of this latest
bout of apathy and laziness. I feel lucky to have at least met him in
person at Extro4, and wish I had gotten to know him better. I will miss
him. In a crude sort of way, Sasha *has* been uploaded-- the wetware
and kernel OS may be gone, but the application software that ran on it
lives on. It is happily running on hundreds, and perhaps someday
millions of wetware platforms. Us. The source code has been preserved
forever in the form of mailing list archives and mirrored web pages.
Maybe somebody will even compile his postings into some kind of 'best
of Sasha' document. This is no substitute for true immortality, but
it's something, and the world is better off for Alexander Chislenko
having been in it.

I am back, and ready to once again bite off several orders of magnitude
more than I can chew. For how long, I don't know. All I can promise is
that I'll try to give fair warning and an explanation the next time I
feel the urge to vanish from the >H/Ex scene.

Thank you for being who you are-- the most fascinating people I've ever
had the honor of meeting. As always, if you're travelling anywhere near
Ann Arbor, MI, drop me a line. I'll utterly dazzle you with dinner time
conversation and hook you up with a free place to stay.

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