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Well, strategically, after the movie ended, then there are still an unknown
number of agents with unknown capacity to create more, and control
mechanisms unknown to the humans for the rogue machines at large, the human
farm, and the matrix itself, thus the strategy is to identify these things
and others about the rogue machines and mobilize against them. A key would
be to establish gateways to the Matrix such that a very much larger number
of humans be informed and as they would freed.

The Matrix itself would largely be there to stay. In a way, it is like the
coffin hotels in Japan. For whatever period of time you care, you get
coccooned and live in the matrix. The key is the ability to leave it and
the recognition of it. For example, to build spaceships to colonize, it is
required to have some level of interaction with the real world, although in
large part as soon as the rogue AIs are converted back to beneficiality then
their machineries are turned back towards human causes as they always have
been. For the time being it would be the only way to support that large

The Earth in the movie is in a state of post-apocalyptic likely nuclear
winter, which was caused by the humans to remove solar power from the
machines, according to Morpheus. That would have to be fixed to enable
humans to live on the face of the planet generally again.

Having free rein in the Matrix would be quite convenient within it. It is a
question as to what laws of the Matrix are immutable to participants. Leaps
across chasms and acrobatics aside, gravity appears to be in place, and most
mechanics. There were no surreal sectors shown. At the end of the movie
Neo flies off unaided. He is a special case, but it is a question of
whether this skillset may be imbued to others.

At issue is the level of separation between the Matrix and the AI system.
Smith notes desire to be away form the Matrix, so perhaps the purely
mechanical system is alien to the Matrix which is formed from human throught

They are certainly many scenes in the movie that do not correspond to hard
science, nor to precedence within the movie. When Trinity shoots the agent
on the roof, she says "dodge this", why does he not? Well that it did not.

Besides Morpheus' ship Nebuchadnezzar other ships are mentioned, none seen,
as is a human city near the center of the Earth, Zion, where the naturally
born humans Tank and Dozer were born.

Well, it is a good movie.

So this has reopened the questions of "are we in a simulation now" etcetera,
which is an extension of the objectivist school which has tenets of
questioning the existence of anything besides the monad or something.

Here's something different, consider a theory T. Say that there is a set of
theories T_omega that contains every single permutation of axioms that is a
consistent theory. At least one of them is reality.

Have a nice day

Ross F.

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