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Date: Sun May 28 2000 - 13:06:06 MDT

At 02:06 PM 05/27/2000 -0700, Joe Dees wrote:

>Actually, he had NOT waited until all the evidence was in, but had clearly
>stated his positions that guns WERE fired there, a position that
>subsequent evidence forced him to change. I, OTOH, had simply stated that
>whoever the evidence would seem to cut against would cry foul on the basis
>of incompetence or dishonesty, and Ian, among others here, did indeed do this,

   IAN: The VDS FLIR test is still properly criticized for
   their deliberate alteration of the thermal conditions on
   the ground in order to highlight reflections and obscure
   gunshots. That they would do that could suggest that they
   need to hide something. Howver, I'm satsified that none
   of the alleged events, including what Ghigliotti said
   were people running around, are what plantiffs experts
   have said they are, and with the new tape I have (which
   is a high-grade copy of a copy of attorney James Brannon's
   copy, I've seen all and what I have is virtually identicle,
   what I had was horrible by contrast), it is hard to believe
   the findings of the plaintiffs experts. There are two walls
   with windows that fall directing onto both areas of courtyard
   where there are key flashes said by Allard et al to be gunshots.
   So we can draw the trajectory of a falling window to each of
   the key courtyard locations. In fact, key flashes that Allard
   says are gunshots on the Emmy-award winning "Waco: The Rules
   of Engagement" occur exactly as one of the walls with window
   is crashing down, depositing glass shards to the spot. At
   no time before it fell were there flashes there, and then
   there were periodic flashes there every time the aircraft
   comes into the right quadrant of sky (as Hal has noted).
   Explaining how glass gets to key flash locations was a
   necessary prerequisite cited by Maurice Cox, one of the
   FLIR experts, to invalidate the gunshot theory. It's done.

>until the evidence became so clear that he could no longer deny it.

   IAN: I felt it was not proper to abandon the gunshot
   theory until the rapid-flash problem was resolved. The
   VDS report didn't resolve it, but I believe that I have.

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