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> > Why? What would make one qualified in this area?
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> > Does QueeneMUSE know Rand's definition of art?
> Or why she takes a stand
> > against Modern Art? (I should mention, not all
> Objectivists and fellow
> > travelers agree with Rand's stance here.)
> Yes, I have read all of her work, a guy I dated for
> a short time had this big
> thing for her. Since I am open minded, i did the
> reasearch. I read it all --
> and with the exception of "The Fountainhead" which
> is a very well written
> novel, I found her work most clumsy and intolerant.
> When I think of her I am
> struck with an image of a bitter, psthologically
> stricken person who survived
> traumatic injuries in her homeland and came here to
> work through her psychic
> wounds by outpouring onto paper. What she promotes
> is largely distrust,
> dislike, disdain, contempt, scorn, and loathing. For
> meny many things.
> This is not my style of thought, I am a person who
> loves.
> She often refured things she had no knowledge of, if
> it infringed on her own
> whims, even to the point where she wrote
> contradicting tracts on the effects
> of cigarettes, proclaiming the medical community
> wrong.
> Her attitude toward art was boorish, uneducated,
> closed minded and
> out-of-touch.
> Her ideals were as square as you can get. Unhip,
> uncool, out of it.. very
> germanic/idealistic/super-uber-stiffo. At a secular
> humanist meeting an old
> guy called her an intellectual bimbo. When it came
> to modern art, she had no
> talent herself, nor an art education. Yet she felt
> utterly qualified to
> vilify with great passion, the greatest names of the
> day, simply because her
> understandin gof it was limited. She trashed a whole
> genre simply because she
> couldn't see the vlaue of it.
> Her entire outlook was sneering, venomous,
> self-important and smug. If
> instead of spending so much time on self absorbtion
> she had gone to the
> trouble to educate herself on the current artscene,
> I'd have had more respect.

Dan Adams
Boston College

"I cannot articulate enough to express my dislike to people who think that understanding spoils your experience...How would they know?"
   - Marvin Minsky

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