Re: ART: What Art Is

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 21:09:31 MDT

Dan Adams wrote:
> It's sad that Rand wasted such a brilliant mind on
> such a defeatist, "mental-masturbatory" philosophy...
> and, before I get flamed for that statement, I realize
> we all share her ideals of independence. Nonetheless,
> as one who has studied her work thoroughly, I feel
> confident (though, granted, not infallible) in saying
> that she turned a golden ideal into an empty
> rhetoric...

I'm sure they said the same of Socrates in Athens, a generation after
they made him drink hemlock...

Speaking of which, I'm now reading Steven Pressfields _Tides of War_,
about Alcibiades and the Pelloponesian War. Socrates is featured
prominently. Its as good as Gates of Fire.

Mike Lorrey

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