Re: nanoaluminum/SSTO Re: Confronting The Singularity Conference

From: Brian Atkins (
Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 11:13:12 MDT

Check out their site and tell me what you think:

Spike Jones wrote:
> Brian Atkins wrote:
> > Also they go on about how this would also allow for
> > nozzleless rockets that could even consume their casing on the way up.
> > There would be no "hole" in the center of the fuel, it would just burn
> > at the end. What do you think?
> My good friend and former mentor, now retired, studied this
> with a team back in the 1960s. Couldnt make it work. Which
> is not to say its impossible. It is just to say, show me the
> money. spike

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