Re: Wireless ecommerce

From: Gamma Pi (
Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 00:59:52 MDT

>From current trends we can extrapolate that more and more people will carry
around a PDA size device with built in cell phone and GPS receiver
capabilities. As a metter of fact Ericsson demonstrated one at CEBIT (Euro
equivalent of COMDEX), look for "3-band communicator" on the Ericsson site.
Run the EPOC OS (like Psions) and has a Palm size color display. I cannot
wait to buy one. Evident applications are email on the move, real-time stock
quotes, and similar. I believe that many less evident killer applications
will emerge as the devices penetrate the market, especially those that
exploit the GPS positioning feature to tell a server where you are.

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