Re: Comparing Jimmy Carter with Ronald Reagan

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 23:53:56 MDT

Michael LaTorra wrote:

> Yes, it's really quite amazing that the intellectually gifted Carter could
> be such a dunderhead in the White House, while the less intelligent Reagan
> could be so brilliant.

Every president's legacy only becomes evident sometimes many years
after that president is out of office. From today's perspective, Carter's
strategy for what weapons to purchase was *exactly* right. He
bought *exactly* the right things, cancelled exactly the right programs.
Carter understood, he foresaw, he grokked. Then, Reagan
came along and just bought eeeeeverything, revived bad programs Carter
had killed. Turns out, spending the commies into oblivion was faaaaar
cheaper than an actual shooting war, was it not? So the simple minded
staggeringly wasteful Reagan doctrine did the job, without a shot being

War is horribly wasteful. It must be stopped for humanity to achieve
our full potential. Achieving a final peace might involve those stunningly
expensive developments, such as space based lasers, THAAD
missiles, and other things that have not been announced. spike

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