Private vs. public funding: which corrupts more?

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Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 21:32:23 MDT

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The New England Journal of Medicine has leveled an assault on free
enterprise with its latest issue. The claim is that private money corrupts
medical research. William Anderson, writing on, shows
that it's public money that does the corrupting.

In addition:

* James Ostrowski on the nuttiest Supreme Court dissent he's read in years;

* "The Place of Economics in Learning" by Ludwig von Mises, now available
as a premium for membership;

* A defense of single-firm, market-share dominance, by Jeffrey Tucker

* An artist's rendering of the Mises Institute's new building to complete
an onsite campus, and an opportunity to become a contributor;

* A German newsweekly identifies Mises as a key influence of Alan Greenspan
(we have our doubts), on our news page.

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