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Would you mind elaborating on what you said about reality being
simulational? What, specifically, do you mean? Why would our simulation be
inescapable? I've never seen *The Matrix* (after seeing the comments here I
shall rent the video and watch it), but I believe I earlier mentioned a
*Scientific American* article I read in 1974 about the unreliability of
eyewitness testimony. This article started me on a branch of thinking which
has led me to suspect that much of that which we think of as reality is
illusory--or, you might say, a simulation of our own minds.


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Indeed it is. I've been waiting for someone to say
that :-)
It really puts a cinderella spin on reality
though...sure, they have to battle soulless machines
bent on keeping them as their personal "batteries."
Nonetheless, the underlying metaphysical statement
that all of reality is simulational is completely true
in a far more powerful (and, diabolical) way. Our
simulation may be inescapable and there are no big bad
robots to direct our anger and frustration at...

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> Hello,
> I saw the Matrix finally. It is a beautiful movie.
> Ross

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