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Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 12:09:03 MDT

The robots were complementarily fluid and insectlike, the agents were agents. The actor portraying Smith was good when he was
interrogating Morpheus. I have some technical attraction to the simulation idea, if not the result.

The freebirth scene of Neo was incredibly reminiscent of Philip Jose Farmer's Riverworld, a series of five or so novels where every human
in history prior to 2006 or so is resurrected, more or less. The Sufi therein was ethical enough to enter the tower. That is a previously
recommended read.

The love element was perhaps contrived yet effective and plausible. Trinity is beautiful.

It felt good to watch Neo discombobulate or destroy Smith, also to generally wreak havoc.

I watch it again.

I observed the wasps today, there were four lounging on the cells of the wasp inhabiture. There were two or so filled cells with nascent
wasps. I consider a way to move it further away from people but it is somewhat infeasible. The nest is connected to a wood roof overhang
by a apparently sturdy stem, some large rainstorms flood water over it yet it appears to be feasible for the wasp.

Dan Adams wrote:

> Indeed it is. I've been waiting for someone to say
> that :-)
> It really puts a cinderella spin on reality
> though...sure, they have to battle soulless machines
> bent on keeping them as their personal "batteries."
> Nonetheless, the underlying metaphysical statement
> that all of reality is simulational is completely true
> in a far more powerful (and, diabolical) way. Our
> simulation may be inescapable and there are no big bad
> robots to direct our anger and frustration at...

Well, the complete set of all consistent theories contains a theory that describes reality, regardless of anything.

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