Re: Wireless ecommerce

From: ct (
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 08:01:54 MDT

From: "Adrian Tymes"

> wrote:
> > ...needs access to real time connectivity
> > to the [ ] net?
> Here's the list of applications they're investigating, for
> what it's worth:
> ...except you only need an area to sit; you don't
> have to be in an office or other wired area.

Perhaps emedicine will provide opportunities for cost effective wireless
technologies. Planned installation in Seattle of defibrillators on all major
golf courses could be optimized with the usage of heart monitors.
Also, the acceptance of "glucose watches" by the diabetic and medical
community could further benefit from distance monitoring and alert systems,
decreasing morbidity in chronically ill populations.
Then, too, there's always SIDS, insulin pumps, chemo pumps, blood pressure
monitors and an entire menu of add-on devices for clients who might benefit
from professional or computerized offsite monitoring/"control".

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