RE: The Church of Mez?

From: Ramez Naam (
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 12:30:22 MDT

Hello Shaun.

A certain amount of skepticism of the church's beliefs seems perfectly
healthy. It is, after all, a rather tongue-in-cheek entity. Despite
that, beneath the humor and exuberance are earnest transhumanist
beliefs. As a group I think we particularly focus on self
transformation and self direction. As individuals the church contains a
number of professionals, researchers, and activists seeking to advance
technology and open society.

And as I've mentioned already, one of our particular strengths is
outreach. Through our activism and events we go about educating a fair
number of people on transhumanism and extropy. (Our burningman theme
camp last year was the very transhumanist "Self Deification Resource


> From: E. Shaun Russell []
> I was recently forwarded a link to a transhumanist\Utopian
> group called the
> Church of Mez ( While I am quite skeptical of
> their alleged beliefs, I am interested to hear whether or not
> anyone has
> had some associations with them.

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