Re: Humanoid Robots on the Mass Market

From: KPJ (
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 03:19:23 MDT

It appears as if Franklin Wayne Poley <> wrote:
|Speaking of Sweden...have you been to Vasteras? I have read that they have
|a heating system under the streets to melt the snow. Does it work
|well? That is an example of an automated system to substitute for human.
|Not unpleasant or chaotic (if it works). And how about "moving sidewalks",
|another example of automation. In fact the whole internal transportation
|system could be automated ... safe, pollution-free. Villages designed this
|way could be linked by inter-village transportation methods, also safe and
|pollution-free. People can leave their cars on the city perimeter.

Vasteras -> Västerås [Diacritical marks are _not_ optional in Swedish.]

Those heating systems appear in many places in Sweden. They pump warm water
through rubber tubes under some sidewalks in many city centres. I find them
quite practical in the winter. Less old ladies who break their legs seems a
rather good feature to me. Normally the systems work well, unless there is a
_heavy_ snowfall.

Moving pavements would not work very well in a climate with snow. There exists
one at a Stockholm underground train station. It moves humans from one part of
the station to another part. Like a moving staircase, only horizontal.

Automated information systems replace static and human operated systems.
Automated ticket buying systems replace human operated ticket selling.
Automated filling stations replace human operated stations.
The list goes on..

I have seen lift operators in old movies.
Never seen any of those in real life, though. Do they still exist?

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