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> > >BTW, I think we could also require insurance as a condition for parole.
> > >This
> > >way harmless people would be let out, while dangerous people would be
> > >facing
> > >impossibly high insurance rates.
> > >
> > In such a society, if it's profitable to rehabilitate a criminal, then
> > someone will probably make a business out of it. If a particular person
> > refuses to change his predatory behavior, however, then, when he or she
> > out of resources to finance it, they will find their freedom so
> > that merely to survive will require making deals at very unpleasant
>terms -
> > reflecting the risk they pose to anyone who chooses to deal with them at
> > all, a good lesson if they will learn it, and an example and deterent to
> > others.
>Not everyone is in prison because the have predatory behaviour.
That's the understatement of the day for sure - but the ones that SHOULD BE
in prison are there because they are dangerous predators - or simply so
irresponsible that no one can afford to have them running loose.

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