Re: A rather odd site

From: Doug Jones (
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 23:26:23 MDT

Terry Donaghe wrote:
> This guy sent me a link to his site after reading my review of "The Selfish
> Gene" on I don't know whether to laugh or run away in fear...
> I really haven't a CLUE what he's talking about. Any ideas?

The name "Conrado" rings a bell- I think this guy is just OD'ing on
scitech issues. His writing style seems a bit on the speedfreak side.
Give him a few years and either he'll wind up a real crank, or he'll
learn how to communicate more clearly.

Ah yes- a friend of mine is a caltech alum, class of 94 or 95, and he
mentioned this guy Conrado to me as a bit scattered, but bright.

Doug Jones
Rocket Plumber, XCOR Aerospace

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