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Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 23:04:56 MDT

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> > Neither am I though I think the HomeMate robot Joe Engelberger is trying
> > to get $5 m. to build is one he could have built 20 years ago. So I would
> > look toward nonanthropomorphic automated villages and cities. "Robotized
> > Habitats" if you will.
> This interests me almost more than anything I have ever seen on this list.
> Please elaborate. Any imatges or URLS? Describe please.....

I'll forward a posting on a proposal for a maximally automated
village. The question is, How far could we go with automating all standard
maintenance and chores like vacuuming, scrubbing, lawn mowing etc? I am
sure we can go very far if we are flexible with the initial design. Then
let's see how well the "genetic agorithms" do with improving the design
over time.

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